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The National PAP Registry was formed to help make reliable new research tests available to doctors and patients to improve the diagnosis of PAP, increase awareness and knowledge of PAP, and give patients a 'seat at the table' in planning and conducting PAP research including the clinical testing of several new potential therapies.

Print, sign and date the Consent Form on mid-Page 2


Initial and date the Consent Form below such signature(s)

to allow for some or all of the following:

Genetic analysis using blood samples

Storage of samples in “Lung Disease Tissue Repository”

To be contacted about other research studies

2019-03-27 Consent PAP Registry clean ap

If the Participant is between 7 and 17 years of age,

have such child read and sign the Consent Form on the bottom of Page 2

2019-03-27 Consent PAP Registry clean ap

Scan & Email your Signed & Initialed Consent Form together with your Contact Information to


or mail such information to the following address:

Brenna Carey

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

3333 Burnet Avenue

TCHRF 4029; MLC 7029

Cincinnati, Ohio 45229


If you have any questions, please call 1-844-CURE-PAP

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