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PAP Foundation Jonathan Alkalai (J.A.)
Patient Assistance Fund

Below are details of the Jonathan Alkalai (J.A.) Assistance Fund and Assistance Grants, including eligibility and covered expenses. For access to the application link, see 'How to I apply for the PAP J.A. Assistance Grants?' below. 

What is the purpose of this program?

PAP Foundation’s Assistance Programs offer eligible individuals diagnosed with PAP financial support when faced with limited resources to pay for:

  • Out-of-pocket healthcare costs and/or

  • Travel costs for PAP-related medical appointments

Who is eligible to apply for PAP Foundation's Jonathan Alkalai (J.A.) Assistance Grants?

These programs are designed to help patients who:

  • Are a United States citizen or U.S. resident of six (6) months or greater with evidence of residency such as a utility bill showing the patient’s name and address.

  • Have a diagnosis of autoimmune Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis, as confirmed by a positive test from a testing site such as the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital or Jewish Hospital-Mercy Health. A diagnosis from a physician will also be considered per the discretion of the PAP Foundation.

  • Fall within the Program’s financial guidelines. At this time the Program is limited to patients currently enrolled in Medicaid, Medi-Cal, or Medicare insurance.

  • Adhere to application requirements that are set in advance by the PAP Foundation.

What kinds of assistance can I request from the J.A. Assistance grants? 

At this time, the J.A. Assistance Fund supports two programs to assist eligible PAP patients/families:


The J.A. PAP Foundation Copay Assistance Program assists eligible PAP patients who have health insurance with funding to cover health insurance deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance costs associated with care of PAP

  • Some examples of these expenses may be:

    • medical expenses paid toward health insurance deductible

    • copayment for a medical office visit

    • out-of-pocket costs for an emergency room visit

    • a coinsurance payment for a consult with a PAP specialist

  • This program does not assist with copayments for medications.


The J.A. PAP Foundation Travel Assistance Program assists eligible PAP patients with out-of-pocket costs for travel to and from a PAP-related medical appointments, including but not limited to mileage, lodging, economy airfare, food.

What is the application process? 

Applications for the assistance programs will be reviewed by the PAP Foundation on a first come, first serve basis. Patients may be referred to the program by their health care provider, their case managers, or they may self-refer. The applicant completes the application, which may include appropriate documentation of health insurance coverage or financial information to verify financial need. The application is then returned to the PAP Foundation.


If an applicant is accepted for one or multiple assistance programs, they may request reimbursements for related expenses. Recipients of the program will need to complete a W9 IRS tax form for the PAP Foundation. 


How long before a decision is made on an application for assistance? 

Applications completed and submitted will be processed within 60 to 90 days of receipt.

Is there a limit to a patient's financial award(s) ?  

Yes. Financial awards for eligible expenses cannot exceed $350 per patient per calendar year. The number of total reimbursement requests cannot exceed 3 in a calendar year.


A decision to place a “cap” on funding or limit the scope of assistance to beneficiaries is at the PAP Foundation’s discretion and is determined based on the amount of donations made to the fund, as well as the anticipated volume of applications expected to utilize the program, and their anticipated financial need.

Once a patient is accepted into the assistance program(s) how long are they eligible? 

Acceptance for the assistance programs provides eligibility for a single calendar year. Applicants interested in eligibility for a subsequent calendar year may reapply with appropriate documentation.  


How does the payment or reimbursement process work?  

The Copay assistance awards will be reimbursed to the patient in accordance with appropriate receipts and documentation. Travel Assistance awards will reimburse the patient directly for their approved expenses in accordance with appropriate receipts and documentation. Eligible reimbursements will be made within 30 business days of receipt by PAP Foundation.

How do I apply for the PAP Foundation J.A. Assistance grants? 

Please see the link below to access the application form. 

Application Link: PAP Foundation J.A. Assistance Application

For any questions related to the application please reach out to:

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